`T.D.S. - Wood Stainer Solventborne

Product :
K-KOTE Wood Stainers have been specially formulated to impart color to wood. They emphasize the natural pattern & character of the wood grains with uniform penetration along With a depth and clarity of tone. They can be used on all types of wood veneers and Medium Density Fiber Board (MDS) surfaces.

Application :

Surface preparation :
1. Select seasoned wood for coating. If previously coated removed the coating using scrapper or sanding. Sand the surface with emery paper no. 100 or 150. Follow This up with smooth-sanding using emery paper 320 or 400 and clean the surface to remove dust.
2. Use K-KOTE Water based Wood filler or NC sanding sealer to fill the grains of the wood and allow to dry.
3. Sand and remove excess filler using emery paper no 180 followed by emery paper no. 320 or 400

Method of Application : Ragging / Spraying
1. For Application of KAURA PU Clear
Apply K-KOTE Wood Stain by ragging on unfilled or filled and sanded wood surface along the grains of the wood. Depending on the shade intensity required number of coats can be varied on an interval of 5-10 minutes between two coats. Allow a drying time of about 30 minutes before applying PU Clear. Donot sand the stain coat.
2. For Application of K-KOTE NC Lacquer
Apply K-KOTE Wood Stain either by ragging on unfilled or filled and sanded wood surface or it can be mixed with NC Sealer or finish coat of NC clear upto 20% by volume. Allow the stain to dry for 30 minutes if applied by ragging and 5-6 hours if mixed with sealer or clear before the subsequent coat application.

Covering capacity : 60-70 sq. ft / Litre . However exact quantity will depend on the nature of wood and extent of staining required.

Remarks : Work in a well ventilated place, use of protective clothing recommended.
               : Stir it well before use.
               : Follow the instructions carefully.

Packing :20Lts., 5Lts., 1Ltr, 500ml. & 100ml.