`T.D.S. - Rubbing Compound

Product :
Rubbing Compound is excellent for hand compounding applications. It safely and effectively removes sand scratches, other fine scratches, medium oxidation, course swirl marks or water spots, and leaves a fine finish.

Advantages & Benefits :
    • Fine mineral content leaves minimal swirl marks.
    • Extremely versatile product that is safe for clear coat, lacquer and enamel paint finishes.
    • Removes scratches, oxidation, water spots and contaminants from automotive finishes.

Application :
    • Hand
    1. Dispense small quantity of material onto a clean, soft, cotton terry towel and apply to the paint         surface.
    2. Rub using a firm, in circular motion with wet cloth.

    • Machine
    1. Dispense enough compound on the paint surface to work a two-foot by two-foot area.
    2. Buff area using an air or electric buffer equipped with a Compounding Pad using light to medium         pressure.
    3. Reduce pressure when compound begins to dry.

Storage and Handling :
Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for storage and handling information.

Remarks : Do not apply in direct sunlight or onto a Hot surface.

Packing : 5Kg, 1Kg, 500gm, 200gm and 100gm.